BTEC Science

Why study BTEC Science?

BTEC Science is a fantastic course that allows you to apply knowledge directly to real world applications. BTEC Science allows you to study how Science can be used in sport and solving crime in forensic science.

What does it prepare me for in the future?

BTEC Science allows you to gain a set of qualifications that open the door apprenticeships and other training courses in further education. At Northolt High School students achieving a merit or distinction in BTEC Science have the opportunity to study Applied Science at A level, which can be carried on to a number of Science related courses at University.

What will I learn?

Award: Principles of Applied Science 
120 GLH (Equivalent to one GCSE)
Unit 1: Principles of Science *
Unit 2: Chemistry and our Earth
 Unit 3: Energy and our Universe
 Unit 4: Biology and our Environment
Award: Application of Science 
120 GLH (Equivalent to one GCSE) 
Unit 5: Application of Chemical Substances 
Unit 6: Application of Physical Science 
Unit 7: Health Applications of Life Science 
Unit 8: Scientific Skills *

 * Unit is externally assessed

What skills will I acquire?

You will not only learn the scientific content of BTEC Science but the skills to analyse and interpret data, identify correlations, draw graphs and create and conduct your own experiments. As well as this you will learn how to construct scientific discussions, identify and understand what is meant by reliable or biased evidence and use a number of sources of information to do regular research.

How is it assessed?

BTEC Science is worth the equivalent of 2 GCSEs and is split into ‘Principles of Applied Science’ and ‘Applications of Science’. 75% of both these qualifications are assessed through coursework that you will carry out in class and at home. However, 25% of each qualification will be sat as an exam, one of which will be taken at the end of year 10 and one at the end of year 11.