Religious Education

Key Stage 3 RE

Religious Education is not about making you ‘religious’, it is about enabling you to think for yourself about religious and moral issues. It is about you, your life and the issues you will face when you leave school and go into the multi-ethnic, multi-faith society which is the UK.
In Key Stage 3, you will explore the views of a variety of religions as well as complex issues and questions.
Some examples include:
  • Religious diversity in England
  • Creation
  • Understanding Christianity
  • Understanding Islam
  • Moral dilemmas
  • Why do we suffer?
  • Religion and the media

Key Stage 4 RE (non-GCSE)

In Key Stage 4, all students are enrolled in a non-examined RE class. The purpose of this to enhance students' understanding of wider world issues, establish empathy and tolerance and build on discussion and interpersonal skills. 
Some topics include:
  • Religion and the family
  • Religion in the community
  • Moral and ethical issues
  • Relationships
  • Life after death
  • Diversity

Key Stage 4 - GCSE RE

At Northolt High School, we follow the Edexcel Religious Studies B Specification.

Why study RE?

Religious Education prepares you for life and gives you the skills you will need to make the decisions every adult faces.  It is also an excellent preparation for: A Level Law, Sociology and Psychology, A Level Religious Studies, History and English.  It will also benefit jobs such as, medicine, the police and the armed forces.

What will I learn?

Paper 1: Area of Study 1(Christianity)
- Religion and Ethics
  • Christian Beliefs
  • Living the Christian Life
  • Marriage and the family
  • Matters of life and death
Paper 2: Area of study 2 (Islam)
– Religion, Peace and Conflict
  • Muslim beliefs
  • Living the Muslim life
  • Crime and punishment
  • Peace and conflict 

How is GCSE RE assessed?

There are 2 exams - Paper 1 and Paper 2 - which are each worth 50% of the course. Each exam is 1 hour and 45 minutes and a total of 102 marks.