Supporting your child's mental health

Mental Health Week 2019




Supporting good mental health

One in four people experience a mental health problem every year and everyone needs help from time to time to deal with the stresses of modern life.  At Northolt High School we support students to have good mental health through our curriculum and support services.  Families also play a vital role in helping young people to maintain good mental health and to ask for help when they need it.  We welcome families getting in touch to let us know of any concerns or to discuss ways in which we can work together to support our students.  There are also a number of organisations which offer excellent support and resources.  Please click on the logos below to go to pages offering support and advice. 

For advice on other issues and details of safeguarding at Northolt High School, please see our Safeguarding section.

Advice for parents

Parents and carers: these links give excellent advice, top tips and resources to help you help your child.

How to spot the symptoms of poor mental health

NSPCC mind
Young Minds NHS

Advice on supporting young people to have good mental health

NSPCC mind
Family Lives NHS

Supporting young people who have family members with mental health concerns

NSPCC Young Minds

Supporting young people through exam stress

Family Lives Young Minds

Looking after you, the parents and carers

Family Lives Young Minds

For those who want to learn more...


Advice for young people

Students: these links take you to some useful advice on how to keep yourself mentally healthy and how to cope with the biggest of all stresses – exams!

How to maintain good mental health

Young Minds NHS

Coping with exam stress

NSPCC Young Minds


These helplines offer confidential advice and someone to talk to for adults and young people.

For parents and carers:

Young Minds Parents Helpline NSPCC Helpline

For young people:

Childline Childline Helpline
Talk to Us The Mix
Calm Sane