First Aid and Medical Support

Individual Health Care Plan                      Medicines Consent Form

At Northolt High School we have a trained first aid team ready to provide care if it is needed across the school site.  For students with ongoing medical conditions, support is led by our Medical Officer, Mrs McMurdie.  We really value our strong partnerships with parents and families as it is by working together that we ensure the best care and support for our students.  The guidance below addresses some common medical issues but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or would like to discuss your child’s specific needs.

Students with a medical condition

If your child has an ongoing medical condition, please let us know by telephoning Mrs McMurdie or emailing  If particular support is required Mrs McMurdie will work with you to create an Individual Health Care Plan, an example of which is here.  This makes sure we know how you and your child would like to be supported in school.


Students who use an inhaler for asthma must carry it with them at all times.  They must also have a spare in the medical room.  Please provide a spare inhaler which is in date and in its original packaging.  This will be stored with your child’s name on it for him/her to use if required.  You will also need to sign a consent form which you can do by popping in to reception, or by downloading and completing the form here and bringing it in to the school office.


Please let us know if your child has an allergy.  If your child requires medication, such as antihistamines or adrenaline auto-injectors, you must ensure we have spares in school.  You will need to bring these to reception and you will be asked to give us details such as what the triggers are and what an allergic reaction usually looks like for your child. This helps us to make sure we have all the information we need to plan support for your child.  Again, you will need to sign a medicines consent form, which you can do in school but which can also be found here.

Contact details

It is vital that we have up to date contact details for at least two emergency contacts so that we can get in touch if your child is unwell at school. If your details change please give us a call or put a note in your child’s planner and ask then to go to the main office. Your child’s planner will be signed so you know we’ve got your message.


Students must not carry any over-the-counter or prescription medicines, including painkillers, with them in school .  Exceptions are made in certain circumstances, such as for asthma inhalers or adrenaline auto-injectors, but only when the child may need immediate access to their medication and only when this has been agreed with our medical officer in advance.  If your child needs to access medicines during the school day you must bring them to reception in their original packaging.  You will be asked to sign a consent form, shown here.  The medicine will then be securely stored for your child to use at agreed times.  This applies to all students at Northolt High School, including older students.


If your child has an injury which means s/he cannot take part in the full school curriculum, please contact Mrs McMurdie or your child’s form tutor or year team to discuss any arrangements which need to be made.


If your child is issued with crutches by a medical professional please let us know before your child returns to school so that we can ensure their health and safety whilst on school site.  Mrs McMurdie will work with you and your child to assess any special arrangements which need to be made to support your child. 

And finally . . .

If you have any concerns or questions, please do give us a call.