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Improving Literacy at Northolt High School

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‘Literacy can give our children that most important of things: the ability to grow into adults and have the whole world available to them. The child who can speak well, can write well and can read well is the child who can step out into the world with the skills to be successful and happy’

Charlie Carroll: writer, musician, teacher

Northolt High School echoes these sentiments and has joined hands with the National Literacy Trust's Skills Academy. Our joint project aims to provide our learners with a reading comprehension intervention that will motivate our Year 7 and Year 8 students to engage with reading. Students will be able to engage with age appropriate texts and move beyond literal comprehension. When delivering the lessons, a range of questions and strategies are used that require them to deduce, infer, justify and evaluate meaning. These are the transferable skills that will help them to do better, both in English and in other subjects beyond.

Improving Literacy (crop)To make learning even more exciting, the students will also be taught some football skills as part of every lesson. This will further instil the elements of creativity, confidence and commitment in our students.

This ten lesson programme will provide opportunities for students’ motivation and enjoyment of reading to increase. It is hoped that these new reading skills will assist pupils in reading across the curriculum, not just in English.

As a reward our students will earn certificates and will qualify for progress stars under our school rewards policy. We will also reward pupils who make significant progress, as this project narrows the gap between their prior and new reading ages.