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Northolt High School welcomes Orange Tree Theatre to perform Romeo and Juliet

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“Two households, both alike in dignity/In fair Verona, where we lay our scene”

Last week, Northolt High School welcomed Richmond’s Orange Tree Theatre to perform their high-octane version of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet is a classic tragedy of doomed love. Northolt High School students were gripped with Orange Tree Theatre’s version of the play; the ninety-minute performance flew by, as the actors kept our students gripped with this “tale of woe.”

Year 10 studied Romeo and Juliet during their English lessons last term and it is a testament to the actors from Orange Tree Theatre that our students were gripped throughout and still moved by the tragic deaths of six of the key characters.

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After the performance, the actors from Orange Tree Theatre came out of role and held a year group study workshop with our students. The actors asked all sorts of penetrating questions and replayed scenes based on suggestions from our students.

Orange Tree Theatre were mightily impressed with the students at Northolt High School. The actors told us that they were amazed at how well our students knew the play and its characters and were blown away by how well-behaved, respectful and attentive they were during both the performance and the study workshop.

Year 10 will sit a GCSE examination next year on Romeo and Juliet so not only was the Orange Tree’s visit thoroughly enjoyable,  but also vital in helping our students for their all-important, GCSE English examinations.

I think that’s what you’d call a win-win situation!

Mr Mathews
Assistant Headteacher