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Mayor's Maths Success

Mayor's Maths SuccessStrategy games, solving a Soma cube (I'd never heard of them either), rapid mental calculations with fractions and decimals, and tackling grade 7-9 algebra in order to complete a treasure hunt - these are all elements of the Count On Us Secondary Challenge run by the Mayor's Fund for London. Since February, around 30 of our year 9 students have been attending Maths Club three lunch times each week in order to do battle with the above-mentioned challenges. The students themselves voted to select a team of five to represent the school and on April 26th we set off to Hammersmith Academy for their regional heat.

Mawlihan Chandrakanthan, Aurelia Brzezowska, Ranveer Chopra, Manav Ravindrakumar and Joshua Clancy were absolutely superb - I couldn't have been more proud of them in the way they competed and represented Northolt High School. After incredible performances in all 3 rounds - in particular in round 2 where they won 12 out of 15 of their matches in The 24 Game (Google it!), Northolt High School was placed first, above seven other local schools and were duly crowned winners. In June, the team will travel to City Hall to compete in the semi-finals. I wish them the best of luck!

Mr Dancey, Subject Leader for Mathematics