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Women's FA Cup Final

Women's FA Cup Final 01

On Saturday May 5th myself and twenty-eight other pupils attended the Women's FA Cup Final accompanied by five teachers. With this year being the second year attending, I had very high hopes in terms of the atmosphere and the game itself and by no means was I disappointed.
This was a great way to escape for a little while and experience history being made. Women's football is growing at staggering rates indicated by an increase of 10,000 fans since last year's final and being able to be a small part of this was incredible. After a long wait with the crowd on the edge of their seats, the match finally came to an end with a score of 3-1 to Chelsea ladies. 
Women's FA Cup Final 02
On behalf of all the girls that came out to watch, I'd like to thank all the staff that gave up their Saturday to make this trip a success, it truly was a memorable one.
Report by Salma M, Year 11