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Yr 9 & 10 Geography trip to Spain

Y9 Geog Spain 01 (beach)


On the 9th of April 2018 a  group of 27 Year 9 and 10 students set out on a journey to Lloret de Mar in Northern Spain. Lloret de Mar is on the Costa Brava coastline, just north of Barcelona in the province of Catalonia. The adventure started at Dover where we set out go to France on the ferry and for the rest of the day (and night) drive through to Spain.

Y9 Geog Spain 02 (group)

Day 2

When we finally arrived at the hotel everyone was exhausted {but in a good way}. However the town surrounding the hotel was absolutely breathtaking. A gentle breeze coming from where the sea was and sweet smells coming from the ice cream parlour right next to the hotel got everyone excited and suddenly we weren’t as tired as we thought. After dropping off our bags everyone was able to relax... and by this I  mean walk along the beach for almost an hour and a half. BUT it was WORTH IT.

Day 3

Y9 Geog Spain 03 (group)

The next day was the La Garrotxa volcanic park (oh my, it felt like we had walked for 1 million years). We walked and walked and walked up the volcano so that we would be able to see what it was like on the inside of the crater. Fortunately no one was burnt to a crisp because the volcano was dormant. It was a spectacular view! As we were coming back down to the comforts of the coach we realised we would be travelling up another volcano but this one was cut out so it looked like a cake, so not as much uphill walking. However once again it was WORTH IT.

Day 4

Day after day things just kept getting more and more exciting. On this day we were able to witness and view the most beautiful and secretive beaches I have ever seen in my whole life. The scenery was fantastic and there was something so calming and majestic about the whole thing (even when Hussain ran for the coach :) ). Once again, all the walking was WORTH IT.

Day 5

Y9 Geog Spain 05 (stadium large)

On our last day in Spain, we drove into Barcelona to experience city life. We did a historic walking tour of Barcelona, learning a lot about the politics and history of the city. Following the walking tour, we got to visit Camp Nou, the FC Barcelona Stadium (again, more walking) and did a self guided tour through the museum and different rooms and areas of the stadium.

THIS must have been the most exciting time in my life, being able to stand where past legends have stood before. Speechless. 100% WORTH IT.

After Camp Nou, we were stuck in traffic for a while but made our way to Park Guell where we had a short break before heading back to the hotel, grab our bags and embark on the looooong journey back to Northolt.

Report by Stephanie, Yr 9