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You Can Help Us to Win Books for Our School Library

At Northolt High, we are passionate about reading.  We recognise that high levels of reading skill will have a positive effect on our students’ futures.  Our school library plays an important role in nurturing a love of reading.

A research review of school libraries by the National Literacy Trust last year reported that “School Libraries have been found to impact pupils’ general academic attainment, reading and writing skills, plus wider learning skills, as well as their scores in history, mathematics and science”.

“Motivation and attitudes in particular have been connected to school library use.”

“Several personal and interpersonal outcomes, such as self-esteem and the feeling of success and accomplishment have also been associated with school library use.”

We are proud of the strong reading culture in our school.  It is a challenge, however, to maintain a well-stocked library at a time of decreased budgets due to government cuts.

Our staff are trying to get a lucky boost for the school library by entering the annual free prize draw run by National Book Tokens.  If one of us is successful, we will win £5,000 of book tokens for the library.  The competition is also open to parents so it would be great if you could also enter using the link below and name Northolt High School as your nominated school.


As well as winning for their nominated school library, winners also win £100 of National Book Tokens for themselves.  The competition closes on 31st July 2018.