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Northolt High School Remembers

Northolt High School students marked the centenary of WW1 in a range of lessons on Friday 9th November.

In Art and Photography, students were developing their skills on Photoshop in the style of Grayson Perry, by making the following Remembrance vases:

Remembrance Day Vase 1 Remembrance Day Vase 2
Remembrance Day Vase 3 Remembrance Day Vase 4


In Maths, students were learning some Functional Maths skills with relation to a poppy selling project. Students then used their skills to make origami poppies.

Remembrance Day Maths 1
Remembrance Day Maths 2 Remembrance Day Maths 3


In Drama, students were creating freeze frames, depicting the Christmas truce during WW1.

Remembrance Day Drama 1
Remembrance Day Drama 2


In Geography, students were looking at how conflict affected Europe’s Geography, and putting their map skills to good use.


In History, students were learning about the significance of World War One, explaining why it is important to remember. Students created poppies of remembrance with their own explanations of why it is important.

Remembrance Day History 1


In English, students were using their creative writing skills to explore how the war affected everyone, writing letters from the front and from families to the soldiers.

Remembrance Day English 1 Remembrance Day English 2


In ICT, students were learning about how war has changed ICT, looking at the ciphers and encryption used during WW2, they learnt different methods of encryption and explored how Alan Turing cracked the code!