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World Book Day Quiz - Winners Announced!

Scroll down for answers to quiz and list of winners
It's World Book Day on Thursday 7th March. 
Reading is high up on Northolt High School's agenda at all times, but we couldn't let World Book Day go by without marking the occasion. 
Our Head Librarian- Mrs Buck- has created a whole-school quiz that will run every period for years 7 - 10. Ambitious? Absolutely! But our students love to read, so we know this will be a success.
World Book Day Quizz
There will also be World Book Day tokens available for all our students. These can be exchanged for a World Book Day book in participating local bookshops and supermarkets or be used to get £1 off the cost of any book.  Students in Years 7,8 and 9 will receive their tokens during their regular library lessons. 
To find out more about Literacy at Northolt High School click here.

Thank you to everyone who took part in yesterday's book quiz competition for World Book Day.
Seven of our students got all questions correct.  They can choose their prizes at next month's bookfair. 
Year 7:
Ekvinder Singh Sachdeva
Aveet Vedi
Jagandeep Khurana
Imran Abdirahman
Year 9:
Antwone Wright
Awandeep Sadhu
Year 10:
Chanulya Kasthuriarachchige
The answers to the quiz were:
1. In which country would you find the tiger, Shere Khan?
2. What type of animal arrives at a London station with a suitcase and a half-empty jar of
    A Bear
3.  What is the name of the girl taken to Lapland in a Gyptian ship?
4.  In which country does Charlie Weasley study dragons?
5.  Which ocean do James and his giant peach travel over?
6.  What is the surname of the teen spy who stops a plot by crashing through the roof of the
     Science Museum in London?
7.  What colour is the brick road that leads to the Land of Oz?
All students who entered will receive achievement points with extra points for the winners.