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World Book Day

On Thursday 7th March, we celebrated World Book Day with our whole-school quiz competition.  All day long, we successfully focused the minds of all students and staff on the wonderful world of books. Teachers began every lesson throughout the day with a question about a popular childrens’ book.  Students were excited to test their book knowledge and wrote their answers in their school planners.  A special mention must go to Mr. Boolaky, our Subject Leader in Modern Foreign Languages.  He asked his students to translate the book questions into French and German as a stretch task.

At the end of the day, students brought their planners to the school library to be marked by Mrs. Buck, our Library Manager.  They enthusiastically queued up to find out if they had got all questions correct.

Although there were quite a few difficult questions, we are delighted to announce that seven of our students got all of them correct.  These winners will now be able to choose their book prizes at our bookfair which is taking place in the school library between 29th April and 10th May.

Congratulations to our winners - Ekvinder, Aveet, Jagandeep and Imran in Year 7; Antwone and Awandeep in Year 9 and Chanulya in Year 10.

Students and staff have reported how much they enjoyed the all day quiz. It was fun to celebrate and be reminded of great childrens’  books we have enjoyed.  As a school that places great emphasis on literacy, we strive to promote books and reading for pleasure every day of the year, not just on World Book Day.