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Author Faye Bird visits Northolt High

Faye Bird book signing

On 29th March, local author Faye Bird, visited to give a talk to all of Year 9.  Her book ‘What I Couldn’t Tell You’ was shortlisted for the first ever Ealing Teen Read which was recently hosted at Northolt High School.  Although it didn’t win, it was the favourite of Northolt High Year 9 students taking part in the event.
Faye spoke about the book which features a  main character with selective mutism.  She also talked about her second book, ‘My Second Life’.  After talking about her books and her life as an author, Faye gave the students the opportunity to ask questions.  Although shy to speak out at first, soon a large number of students had their hands up waiting to ask a question.  These included whether she experienced frustration when writing, what was her thought process when writing, how much money did she earn as a writer, is she writing a third novel and which was her favourite of her two  books.  Faye gave  copies of her books as prizes to two of our students for asking the best questions.
At the end of the talk, students were able to purchase copies of the books, signed by Faye.  Around forty Year 9 students also attended writing workshops with Faye.  She worked with them on character development,  Students were asked to imagine a character, inspired by photographs they were shown.  She then encouraged them to develop the character by asking a series of questions about them.  At the end of the workshop, some students shared their work.
Year 9 found the author visit a very rewarding experience. Our students who have read Faye’s work were really excited to meet the writer of one of their favourite books.  Other students have now been inspired to read her books, either by purchasing copies of borrowing them from the school library.