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Northolt goes to Wembley!

On Saturday 13th May, Mr Baglan led a team of keen Northolt football fans to watch the Women's FA Cup Final between Manchester City and Birmingham City. Manchester City's 4-1 victory meant that they now hold every major domestic trophy so it was a truly exciting occasion. Salma Mahamud in Year 10 reports:
"Attending the women's FA cup final really opened my eyes. It opened my eyes to the reality of female football, which is that no matter what the stereoptypes may be, females will stand together and continue kicking them down one by one. Sitting in the crowd of 35,000 fans I realised that female football is growing at an immense rate. This not only motivated me to continue playing and reaching my full potential but it also motivated younger girls who were still unsure about the sport to take advantage of the opportunities that they have been given and rise up to the challenge. When a large number of girls that attended approached me, asking about local teams and how they can get started, I was full of joy. This enabled me to advise the girls on steps they can take moving forward. This trip along with the training sessions held every Wednesday have made me consider a career in coaching, which had never even occurred to me before. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the PE department for arranging this trip. It truly is appreciated by us all. Lastly thank you to Mr Uddin and Miss Bowler, the members of staff that helped supervise the trip."