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Votes for Tomorrow

Election Counting the Votes

We had an exciting two weeks of campaigning at Northolt High School in the run up to last week's General Election. Students created their own political parties and spent two weeks devising manifestos and planning their campaigns. They campaigned hard, in assemblies and the playground at break and lunchtimes. All parties presented brilliantly with confidence, style and humour.


Election The Tomorrow Party

After a hard fought campaign, The Tomorrow Party emerged as the winner, voted as the most popular party in 74% of our tutor groups.  Many voters mentioned Tomorrows promise to help the homeless as a key manifesto pledge. Clearly voters felt The Tomorrow Party understood what matters to them in their daily lives.  Tomorrow faced a very real challenge from The Transform Party who enjoyed particularly strong support for their promise to provide two policemen for every street.  But the 8th June marked an impressive win for Tomorrow, who deserve our congratulations. We are proud of everyone who took part for giving us a fantastic two weeks of political leadership. Thanks are also due to Ms Whalley and her team of sixth form students who coordinated the election.