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Students raised money on 23rd June 2017 for the people who were affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower by donating money as part of a non-school uniform day. Years 7 and 8 also held a charity interform basketball competition after school and a cake sale at breaktime and lunchtime. We raised a total of £805.57. Years 7 and 8 voted on how to allocate this money and decided that we should split this donation between two groups: the Rugby Portobello Trust and the Grenfell Tower Nursery Project. The Rugby Portobello Trust is a charity providing services for young people. It is based very close to Grenfell Tower and has been distributing funds directly to the Grenfell victims and survivors. The Grenfell Tower Nursery is run by Lancaster West Children’s Community Network. The nursery was situated on the ground floor of Grenfell Tower and was destroyed in the fire. The nursery team is currently in the process of sourcing nursery provisions, equipment, supplies and other donations in order to be able to re-open in a new location. Well done to all of our students, and especially Years 7 & 8 for their commitment to supporting others in need.