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Lake District Visit

Lake District (4)

I am delighted to report about my A-level Geography class trip to the Lake District as part of the compulsory fieldwork element of our Lake District (1)course. We travelled there via high-speed train and it is safe to say that the area famed for its natural beauty certainly did not disappoint. On the minibus drive to our residence for the duration of the trip we saw many open fields, dense pockets of trees, colossal mountains, and - of course - an enormous lake.

FSC Blencathra, where we stayed during the trip, was an impressive building with comfortable rooms, excellent food, and awesome views of the surrounding landscape. The staff - specificallyLake District (3) our group mentor Pippa - were tremendously friendly and helpful. Pippa had a wealth of knowledge about coastal landscapes and was very helpful in pointing us in the right direction so we had the best possible start for our coursework. The fieldwork also included two visits to coastal areas, including a spit and a portion of the coast protected by coastal defences. These trips were highly useful and exciting, because they provided us an opportunity to personally observe the concepts that we have learned about in our lessons, as well as collect invaluable data that can be used in our coursework.

Overall, the trip was Lake District (5)a highlight of A-level Geography so far. It helped to contextualise our past studies and will help with our forthcoming work, and - despite all the hard work and long hours - was a tonne of fun. Many thanks to the teachers who led the trip, and everyone who came along!

Scott Doherty, Year 12