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GCSE Results Day 2017

GCSE results at Northolt High School once again made us proud, with students rising to the challenge of the new reformed GCSEs in English and Maths. Newspaper articles across the country highlighted that the number of top grades awarded in Maths and English have been cut, with far fewer students achieving the new top grade of 9. We were therefore delighted to watch Ragesh Manoharaj open his results, with 9s in both English Language and Maths to go along with his 8 in English Literature, and further 6 A-stars and 2 As:I’m so happy, I don’t know how I did it.  I did work hard and I went to my English teacher every day and my maths teacher helped me a lot.  I can’t stop smiling.” We are pleased Ragesh has chosen to stay on into the Sixth Form to study A levels in the Sciences.


Amongst the other students who gained a 9 was Oussama Allouaji. His 9 came in English  Language and we are delighted that he will also be joining our Sixth Form. This excellent outcome in English went along with his 8 in English Literature, 7 in Maths, and further A-star and 5As. “I’m really happy.  Obviously I worked hard but I didn’t think I’d do as well as this!”


We are also excited by the amazing progress our students have managed to achieve during their time at Northolt High. A significant number of our students made exceptional progress (well beyond what was estimated based on where they were at the end of Year 6). Demi Roscoe achieved an 8 in English Language and 7 in English Literature, along with a further A-star and 4 As.  “I got up really early on exam days to make sure I was prepared.  I was quite confident about most subjects but not all of them – I thought I’d failed History!” Of course she didn't as History was one of her grade As! It is wonderful that Demi will also be staying with us into the Sixth Form.

Other students who made exceptional progress included:


Shukri Gure - “Even though I revised I don’t really know how I did this!  I’m so happy I’m shaking!”

Najma Yusuf - “I’m so happy, I’m really surprised!”  

Edwin Oshian - “I’m really pleased and proud of my results.”

All these results are testament to the hard work and support of students, their families and our staff. We are looking forward to seeing many of these success stories back in the Sixth Form in September.


Well done everybody!