A grade C in Mathematics is essential for whatever you want to do in life. This Syllabus encourages you to see how mathematics can be used in everyday situations which you may face once you leave school.

GCSE Mathematics has changed to assess the new Key Stage 4 programme of study which schools and colleges are required to teach. There will be a much greater emphasis in examinations on the assessment of applying mathematics and using mathematics to solve problems, and some questions will be set in contexts that students should be expected to deal with in the real world. Students might be asked to answer questions on, for instance, decorating a room or designing a garden; or perhaps paying bills or sorting out rotas for shop staff.

The new GCSE will follow the two tiers introduced in 2006: Foundation tier, where grades G up to C may be achieved and Higher tier, where grades D up to A* are possible.

At Northolt High we will follow the Specification A which is linear - this means that all the examinations are taken at the end of the course (usually, but not always, at the end of Year 11) and any part of the specification can be tested on any paper. No calculators are allowed for paper 1. This specification is designed to be holistic, with a clear structure, and to encourage and motivate students.

what does it prepare me for in the future?

GCSE Mathematics is vital for getting into Sixth Form, College or employment. If you achieve a grade B or above you can also study it at A level, which will give you the opportunity to follow a number of different degree courses at top universities.

what will I learn?

The content of our GCSE Mathematics specifications has been grouped into the topic areas of Number, Algebra, Geometry, Measures, Statistics and Probability.


The new secondary mathematics programme of study places a renewed emphasis on problem solving, functionality and mathematical thinking.

how is it assessed?

The GCSE will be entirely assessed by written examination, which means that no coursework will be expected from any student.