Media Studies

Why study Media Studies?

Media Studies is an exciting subject where students study and produce media products, such as television, film, popular music and magazines. Media Studies requires students to consider the media products they consume and to challenge stereotypes and concepts.

What does it prepare me for in the future?

Media Studies, a useful subject if you wish to study A Level Film Studies. It would be useful, but not essential if you wish to pursue a career in the Media industry or go on to study Media at university. The course will give you knowledge and experience you need to work for TV production studios, radio outlets, newspapers, PR firms and advertising agencies.

What will I learn?

For each area that students study they will focus on:

Media Language – the ways in which media texts communicate with people who use them

Audience – how people receive these communications, such as how a music company targets certain audiences, or how different newspapers present the same story.

Institution – focuses on the people who own and make the media texts, such as how a film ends up at the cinema and who decides what certificate it gets.

Presentation – how different people and communities are represented in the media, such as how soap operas use stereotypes.

What skills will I acquire?

You can develop a variety of skills that are extremely useful in many employment areas. These skills include:

  • critical analysis;
  • research;
  • a broad commercial and cultural awareness of the media and creative industries;
  • teamwork;
  • initiation and development of creative work in writing, audiovisual or other electronic media;
  • a flexible, creative and independent approach to tasks;
  • the ability to work to a brief and meet deadlines.

How is it assessed?

A combination of Controlled Assessment and examination at the end of the course.

Media Studies 4812 (Single Award)    
Unit 1: Investigating the Media Written Examination 40%
Unit 2: Understanding the Media Controlled Assessment 60%
Media Studies 4814 (Double Award)    
Unit 1: Investigating the Media Written Examination 20%
Unit 2: Understanding the Media Controlled Assessment 30%
Unit 3: Exploring Media Industries Written Examination 20%
Unit 4: Responding to a Media Brief Controlled Assessment 30%