Why study Catering?

GCSE Catering will enable pupils to gain a practical catering qualification which means pupils will be taught the whole range of food preparation skills. The emphasis of the course is on pupils gaining practical skills to prepare them to work in a commercial catering environment as well as give them valuable life skills.

The course is designed to give pupils an opportunity to learn about the catering industry through a variety of projects. It will give pupils a chance to complete projects that have a direct impact on the lifestyle and environment of all people. It will provide opportunities to learn about the catering industry and to recognise the influence of current trends. The course will concentrate on the main areas of food production and food service as an introduction to the catering industry.

The course is designed to give pupils a basic understanding of the food and beverage industry and will allow them to work both individually and as members of a team. The Catering course is intended to interest pupils who want to learn more about food preparation, presentation and the food service industry.

Some costs are likely to be incurred during the course for the purchase of food ingredients.

What does it prepare me for in the future?

Career/further education opportunities include:

  • Manufacturing/Leisure
  • Tourism/Hospitality
  • Catering and Modern Training
  • Apprenticeships.
  • Academic and Vocational courses e.g. GNVQ Intermediate and Advanced

What will I learn?

The course is divided into four areas of study:

  • The Catering Industry
  • Nutrition and Menu Planning
  • Food Production
  • Technological Developments

What skills will I acquire?

  • planning
  • organising
  • teamwork
  • independent learning
  • use of equipment
  • hygiene
  • health & safety

How is it assessed?

Coursework project 20%
Theory - One 2 hour written paper 40%
Two practical assessments 40% (15% + 25%)