Music at Northolt High School has gone from strength to strength with regular extracurricular activities, visits to concerts, as well as partnering with a number of music organisations to deliver an outstanding music provision that has become this subject's focal point.

Students get to explore and learn a variety of instruments such as guitar, drums, voice and piano. In addition to this, there are a number of topics that are delivered in line with the National Curriculum that are both engaging and practical, which give students an experience they will take away with them for years to come.

The Music Department puts on a number of events throughout the year and students are encouraged to perform at them. Some of the most successful events include the Christmas Carol Concert, GCSE Music Recital and the Summer Music Concert.

Key Stage 3

KS3 Music is offered over a two year period and the topics are in line with the National Curriculum.


There are three units taught in Year 7.

  • Unit 1: Whole Class Singing
  • Unit 2: Keyboard and Guitar Skills
  • Unit 3: Rock Music.


There are three units taught in Year 8.

  • Unit 1: World Music
  • Unit 2: Film Music
  • Unit 3: Reggae Music

Key Stage 4

The Music Practitioner qualification provides vocationally relevant courses in popular music, which allow for progression into a higher-level study and/or the industry. They focus upon the recognition of achievement through the acquisition of knowledge and practical music skills, as well as offering the flexibility of unit selection.

Students will have the opportunity to choose their own musical pathway as well as pursue their own interests through unit selections. In addition to this, they will have the opportunity to use state of the art music equipment, work with professional musicians and attend concerts.

Students will study the following units in addition to having the opportunity to increase their qualification by studying further units.

  • Music Style Development
  • Live Music Performance
  • Music Rehearsal Skills
  • Live Sound Recording
  • Digital Recording and Production

Through developing the skills, knowledge and understanding outlined above, students are provided with the basis for further development, with the ultimate aim, the creation of a musician with the knowledge and skill set to be able to perform and record music in a professional capacity.


There are three units taught in Year 9 GCSE Music.

  • Unit 1: Music Rehearsal Skills
  • Unit 2: Composing and Performing
  • Unit 3: In at the Deep End


There are three units taught in Year 10 GCSE Music.

  • Unit 1: Music Rehearsal Skills/Digital Recording and Production
  • Unit 2: Music Rehearsal Skills/ Digital Recording and Production
  • Unit 3: Musical Style Development


There are three units taught in Year 11 GCSE Music.

  • Unit 1: Musical Style Development
  • Unit 2: Live Music Performance/Live Sound Recording
  • Unit 3: Live Music Performance/ Live Sound Recording
KS4 Assessment & Examinations
The qualifications are 40% externally assessed and 60% internally assessed. The externally assessed core unit takes the form of a timed assessment under controlled conditions based on an assignment set and marked by RSL. The remaining units are internally marked. There are no written exams for this qualification and it largely a practical course.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

  •  Choir
  •  Band Academy
  •  Guitar Club
  •  Ukulele Club
  •  Drum Club