Why study Drama?

GCSE Drama is a largely practical course which requires students to be effective independent learners and team workers. Students should study drama if they like working in groups to discuss drama, explore drama, create and perform drama. GCSE drama will provide students with many opportunities to take part in workshops and visits to the theatre.

Further information can be obtained on the Drama Resources front page of Fronter which can be accessed when students sign on into the virtual school via the school website at http://www.northolthigh.org.uk/site/.

What does it prepare me for in the future?

GCSE Drama allows the development of many life, technical, performance and strong communication skills. These skills are transferable to a wide range of jobs and further studies. Strong problem solving and communication skills are becoming ever more important for employers. This GCSE course prepares students for careers in Performing Arts theatre, related sectors, further education and numerous customer service jobs where relating to a range of people confidently is an essential requirement.

What will I learn?

In September 2013, the Department will offer the Edexcel GCSE Drama Course. Year 10 will be used to develop the range of drama skills and working methods needed in readiness for coursework controlled assessment at the end of the year. Year 11 continues with coursework controlled assessment and developing a performance which is marked by an external visiting examiner. Examination results in previous years have been very high at GCSE, reflecting the positive commitment students have made to the subject. The syllabus builds on practical skills developed at Key Stage 3 and students opting for GCSE Drama should already have a strong interest in and commitment to the subject.

There is an extra-curricular element to this course and students will take part in public performances which will require them to stay after school in order to rehearse for their shows and to come back some evenings for the performances.

What skills will I acquire?

Success in this immensely enjoyable and rewarding subject demands maturity and commitment to a common group cause. Students will regularly be required to work positively and supportively with others. Group work, collective responsibility and independent learning are strong features of the course. During the course, students will have many opportunities to develop and refine their skills by performing to different audiences and attending theatre trips.

How is it assessed?

Introduction and Unit 1: Controlled Assessment Drama Exploration  30%
Unit 2: Controlled Assessment Exploring Play Texts  30%
Unit 3: External Assessment Drama Performance  40%