What is the overall aim of what we are learning in Drama?

For students to have developed a knowledge of theatrical conventions as well as an understanding of the historical, social and cultural context in which theatre has been developed and performed, in order that they might perform with confidence. Students will work collaboratively with each other to create engaging performances, develop understanding and empathy, as well as the ability to analyse and evaluate their own work and the work of others.

What are students learning in Year 7 & 8?

Students explore a range of dramatic conventions through role play and consider dramatic texts, including a Shakespearean tragedy, a modern play and a range of plays from the horror genre.  With this knowledge and skills, they also devise dramatic performances of their own. .

Why are they learning these things?

To gain important transferable life skills, including those of confidence and performance. For instance, they will learn how to speak confidently in a job interview even if they are feeling nervous inside, to give and receive constructive feedback, and they will learn to work collaboratively with others.

Year 8 - Scheme of Learning Overview
8.1   Drama Skills
8.2 Non-naturalism
8.3 Devising - Social Media  
8.4 Comedy
8.5 Writing a script
8.6 Twelfth Night

What are the students learning in Year 9, 10 & 11?

In years 9, 10 and 11, we examine Drama skills and knowledge in more depth and detail. We focus on more demanding texts and devising techniques in preparation for the RSL Vocational Qualification (equivalent to GCSE) .

Why are they learning these things?

We are studying with more maturity and depth to provide students with all the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their exams and all the transferable life skills they gain from studying Drama.

Year 9 - Scheme of Learning Overview
9.1 Voice and Communication
9.2 History and Practitioners
9.3 Physical Theatre / Frantic Assembly
9.4 Writing a live review - Curious Incident
9.5 Monologues and duologues - Girls Like That / Blackout
9.6 Devising - Hillsborough
Year 10 - Scheme of Learning Overview
10.1 The Art of Acting - Voice and Communication (Transition Unit)
10.2 Performing Shakespearean texts
10.3 Devising project - Setting up a tie company
10.4 Devising project - Setting up a tie company
10.5 Performing modern texts - Girls Like That / Blackout
10.6 Performing modern texts - Girls Like That / Blackout
Year 11 - Scheme of Learning Overview
11.1   Performing classical texts
11.2 Performing classical texts
11.3 Devising project
11.4 Devising project
11.5 Performing modern texts
11.6 Performing modern texts

How can I find out more about what students are learning?

Schemes of Learning Over the course of this academic year, we will be sharing links to our schemes of learning. You can click on these links to see more about what your child is studying.
GCSE Exam Board See the exam board specification below for a full outline of how the course is structured.
GCSE Specification RSL               Level 2 Tech Award in Creative and Performing Arts   
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