Pupil Premium

Pupil premium is a sum of money allocated to schools to provide additional support to students who

are (or have been at some point in their schooling) entitled to Free School Meals (FSM), or who may face other significant challenges in their lives which act as a barrier to their learning. This also includes students who are looked after or in care (CLA – Children Looked After). Nationally, there is a gap in academic performance between students who are identified as pupil premium and other students.
The additional funding which is allocated to each school for pupil premium students is intended to give financial support for a range of interventions in order to reduce that gap in performance.

Y7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch Up Premium

The year 7 literacy and numeracy catch up premium is paid to schools to support students whose year 7 pupils did not reach the expected standard in their KS2 maths and reading assessments. The funding is earmarked to support these students in reaching the required standard.

Pupil Premium & Y7 Catch Up Premium Funding Strategy Statement

Attached is the school's pupil premium and Y7 catch up premium funding strategy statement which identifies:

  • the key barriers to future attainment from the school's own data
  • desired outcomes of pupil premium and Y7 catch up spending for this academic year
  • planned expenditure on identified strategies to support academic performance of pupil premium and Y7 catch up premium students

Impact of Pupil Premium Expenditure Last Academic Year

The pupil premium and Y7 catch up premium funding strategy document also provides a review of expenditure for the last academic year.

Eligible for FSM

If you feel that your child may be eligible for FSM support but is not currently receiving it, please look to complete the eligibility checker(link below). If you have any questions in this regard please contact Ms Weeks at the school office. We would like all families who think they may be eligible to claim for Free Meals to check. It is quick and easy to do this and it means that the school receives the correct funding for your child to be given the provision that they deserve.