Our Vision and Values

IndexOur vision statement is “committed to excellence”.

This, along with our core mission; seizing opportunity, instilling ambition, realising potential; underpins everything we do and highlights the high expectations we hold within our school community.

We promote three core values across the school of courage, pride and respect.


We developed our vision and values as part of our work with the Sycol education programme – a three-year process which we are using to help us establish and embed an innovation and improvement cycle at Northolt High School. As part of this programme we first established our clear and challenging vision, mission and set of core values. These form our culture manifesto and we use them to drive innovation and continuous improvement.

SYCOLYou may have noticed that some of our staff wear Sycol lanyards! This indicates staff members who are leading the Sycol innovation programme within our school. A Green lanyard indicates a leader in their first year of Sycol, Blue for leaders in their second year and Black for those in their third year or beyond. If you would like to know more about this exciting programme, please ask any of the Sycol leads.