The School Environment and Staff Recruitment


School Environment Committee

Northolt High School takes great care with the school environment. We use PRIDE standards across common spaces in our school to ensure the school environment reflects our core values. Our school environment committee, a part of the student council, supports with this by regularly visiting rooms and checking that the PRIDE standards are being met. In doing this, the school environment committee help us improve the quality of our school learning environment. 


Northolt pride standard lge


Staff Recruitment Committee

We value our students’ input into the important decisions we make about members of staff who join our Northolt High School team. Each time we recruit a new member of staff, we involve our students in two ways. Members of our staff recruitment committee take prospective candidates on a tour of the school, answering any questions they may have and making sure that candidates see the school in action. In addition, each candidate is interviewed by a panel of students from the Staff recruitment committee. Their feedback is part of the final selection process – and there are rarely any disagreements from staff involved about our students’ recommendations!

Staff recruitment committee