At Northolt High School, we care about the wellbeing of our community. Student wellbeing is supported through our taught curriculum, our staffing structure and the wealth of support services we provide to those students who need them.

Our PHSCEE programme, which is taught by form tutors on a weekly basis, includes explicit lessons to support students with mental and physical health and wellbeing. We are enriching this programme this year with the addition of PHSCEE ‘drop down’ days which will be led with the support of experienced and qualified external providers.

Our staffing includes a team of talented form tutors and pastoral leaders who are experienced and dedicated to the students in their care. In addition, we have a Learning Mentor team who provide individual and small group mentoring for students. We also run a specialist programme to support students as they move from primary to secondary school called ‘Stepping Stones’. This taught curriculum is designed to help students explore and articulate their feelings about their transition into Key Stage 3. It enables students to quickly settle and feel at home at secondary school.  

We are also supported with external specialists who we bring into school to work with our young people. This provision includes a CAMHS early intervention worker, support from Ealing’s Behaviour Inclusion Team, two school counsellors and sports mentors from the Queens Park Rangers Community Trust.