5b81232bb3e904244c2ce32ee22bc468Hello from your new school caterers! Innovate Services are pleased to have the chance to provide the catering services at your school from September 2018.

Our aim, along with the School, is to provide our students with an exceptional catering experience. We plan exciting menus packed with health, variety, goodness and attitude. We also make our food look great and taste as good as it should.

What to expect from Innovate…

New menu



Innovate has long been considered the most inventive caterer in schools and that’s because we’re very clear about our food: delicious, fresh every day, nutritious and creative. Below is a taste of what’s to come:

  • A huge selection of grab and go items including baguettes, paninis, burritos and salads to name a few, all now using our barcode system to help speed up the queues
  • A variety of healthy, tasty main meals prepared fresh every day from carefully selected ingredients.  The menu will follow a similar weekly pattern so our customers know what to expect; for example we always serve a Roast Dinner every Wednesday and a Curry every Thursday
  • Our ‘V’ range including the Falafel Wrap & Veggie Twister
  • Theme days including Chinese New Year, American Independence Day and St George’s Day

Tariff Information (click image to view)

2019-20 Menu &Tariff Review

2019-20 Tariff Summary

2019/20 Menu & Tariff Review 2019/20 Tariff Summary

Please see download section at bottom of page for full menu information.

New opening hours

2 853

From September we will open before and after school so please pay us a visit. To ensure our customer’s day gets off to a great start, we will be serving lots of choice for breakfast including breakfast yogurts with granola, freshly made bacon rolls and a selection of pastries.

Over the summer holidays we will be busy updating the facilities in the main dining area. Once you’ve tried our service, let us know what you think. Drop us a line on the on to tell us about your dining experience. We’re always happy to hear your feedback on our service.

Yours Sincerely,

Nitin Rampal
Regional Business Manager
Innovate Services