Home School Agreement

At Northolt High School, we believe the success of our students depends upon a three-way partnership between the school staff, students and parents. Students and families are therefore asked to sign up to our Home School Agreement on admission to the school. This agreement is detailed below.

As Parent/Carer, I will:

  1. Ensure that my child attends school every day and arrives by 8:35 am
  2. Ensure that my child follows the school rules at all times, including on their journey to and from school
  3. Not to take my child out of school in term time
  4. Contact the school on the first day of any illness
  5. Ensure that my child wears the full school uniform correctly, including to and from school
  6. Check that my child has the correct equipment and books for each school day
  7. Ensure the completion of all Home Learning to a high standard
  8. Check and sign the planner weekly
  9. Attend Parents’ Information Evenings.

I undertake the responsibility to work in partnership with the school in order that my child will achieve their potential. 

As a student, I will show respect for myself and to others by:

  1. Being prepared and ready for learning
  2. Follow the school rules at all times including on my journey to and from school
  3. Keeping my hands, feet and unkind words to myself
  4. Following the member of staff’s instructions the first time (first time, every time)
  5. Completing my learning on time and to the best of my ability
  6. Arriving for school and lessons on time, in the correct uniform and with the right equipment
  7. Keeping the school environment clean and pleasant to work in and by always putting my litter into the bins provided.

Northolt High School staff and Governors will:

  1. Be committed to excellence at all times in educating your child
  2. Keep you regularly informed about your child’s progress
  3. Communicate promptly in the event of an emergency or any other cause for concern
  4. Set and assess Home Learning regularly and provide effective feedback about your child’s learning
  5. Keep you informed about school events and activities
  6. Provide a stimulating environment including extra-curricular activities and visits to enrich your child’s learning.