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Good attendance is the most important single factor affecting a child’s achievement in school.

National data consistently shows that almost eight out of ten students who have 100% attendance gain five or more good passes at GCSE. When attendance drops to 90%, only five out of ten students achieve this. This is why we place such an importance on good attendance. We expect all students to aim for 100% attendance - look out for congratulations letters when they achieve this!

Occasional absence

If your child is too unwell to attend school, please call us before 8:30am. If your child is absent and we are not aware in advance you will be called by our automated system. This system calls repeatedly until you answer.

Repeated Absence

If your child’s attendance level becomes of concern you will be notified. This will usually be if their attendance falls below 96%. We will work with you to support improvements but we will be unable to authorise further absences unless medical evidence is provided.


Please make all medical, dental and other appointments outside of school hours. Occasionally an appointment during school time is unavoidable, such as with hospital appointments. Please let us know about any appointments as soon as possible and provide us with a copy of the appointment letter.

Holidays in Term Time

Holidays in term time cannot be authorised except in exceptional circumstances. If you believe your circumstances mean you have to take your child out of school, you must apply in writing at your earliest possible opportunity, using the Leave of Absence Application. Your application will be considered and we will write back to you to let you know the outcome.

Leave of Absence Application Form

And finally . . .

If you have any concerns or questions, please do give us a call.


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