Planning Improvement

We are firmly of the belief that school improvement is a continuous process. 2019-20 is an exciting year for us as we are planning to ignite a school-wide focus on community which will be further developed in future years. This community focus will involve:

  • Our students, as we continue to expand our student voice and student council committees, and provide enhanced support for students through innovative and meaningful partnerships and mentoring projects;
  • Our parents, as we embark on a structured project to seek and act on parent opinion to develop partnership working;
  • Our staff, as we work to develop and empower all staff with some innovative approaches to professional development which will support our thriving adult learning community;
  • Our local and London employers, as we work more closely with them to develop our ambitious careers strategy;
  • Our local community, as we engage directly with community leaders and members to help our young people develop as active young citizens.

Our School Improvement Plan will be uploaded here following its formal approval by the Governing Body in September 2019.