What is the overall aim of what we are learning in History?

Our History curriculum is designed to give students a broad knowledge and understanding of both Britain’s past and that of the wider world. The curriculum will inspire students’ curiosity about the past and will equip students to be able to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments and develop perspective and judgment.

What are students learning in Year 7 & 8?

In KS3, students will learn how to examine evidence and explain significance and cause and consequence.

These skills will be developed through a chronological consideration of some of history's most exciting eras, from as far back as the Romans through to the comparatively recent World War 2

Why are they learning these things?

By exploring history in this way, students will be able to make insightful connections between historical events and the world that they themselves inhabit.  This knowledge will allow them to understand, question and challenge versions of historically significant events and documents.

Year 7 - Scheme of Learning Overview
7.1 The History of London
7.2 What have the Romans ever done for us?
7.3 The Norman Conquest
7.4 Middle Ages
7.5 The Tudors
7.6 The Stuarts
Year 8 - Scheme of Learning Overview
8.1   The British Empire and Slavery
8.2 The Industrial Revolution
8.3 World War One
8.4 Inter-war period
8.5 World War Two
8.6 The Holocaust

What are the students learning in Year 9, 10 & 11?

In Key Stage 4, students continue to develop their skills learnt at Key Stage 3. They build on the knowledge they gained by studying a range of topics and weigh up evidence to create their own interpretations of the past by explaining cause and consequence, difference and significance.

Why are they learning these things?

As well as allowing students to understand and question the world around them, all of the content and skills taught in Key stage 4 will prepare students for their GCSE exams that they will sit in Year 11.

Year 9 - Scheme of Learning Overview
9.1 Paper 1: Medicine 1250 - 1500
9.2 Paper 1: Medicine 1500 - 1700
9.3 Paper 2: Elizabethan England
9.4 Paper 2: Elizabethan England
9.5 Paper 1: Medicine 1700 to present
9.6 Paper 1: Medicine on the Western Front
Year 10 - Scheme of Learning Overview
10.1 Paper 3: Weimar Germany
10.2 Paper 3: Nazi Germany
10.3 Paper 2: Origins of the Cold War
10.4 Paper 2: Cold War Crises
10.5 Paper 2: Cold War Crises
10.6 Paper 2: The end of the Cold War
Year 11 - Scheme of Learning Overview
11.1   Paper 2: Elizabethan England 1
11.2 Paper 2: Elizabethan England 2
11.3 Revision
11.4 Revision
11.5 Revision

How can I find out more about what students are learning?

Schemes of Learning Over the course of this academic year, we will be sharing links to our schemes of learning. You can click on these links to see more about what your child is studying.
GCSE Exam Board See the exam board specification below for a full outline of how the course is structured.
GCSE Specification    Pearson Edexcel               GCSE History (9-1)
Subject Contact The name and email address of the subject leader can be found below. Please feel free to contact them if you have any further questions or would like to learn more about the curriculum students are following.
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