Coronavirus arrangements

We are delighted that we are able to fully reopen our school to students from September 2020.

We have developed extensive plans as part of our process of reopening to make our school as safe as possible. You can see further details of these plans by reading our school risk assessment which was approved by our Governors on 27th August 2020. This risk assessment is available below.

During August 2020 we provided information to parents about the arrangements for September. You can see this information below. If you have any questions about the measures we are taking or our procedures, please contact us by either:


September Reopening Risk Assessment

Arrangements for full reopening of Northolt High School

Face coverings - letter to families


Remote Learning Arrangements

As part of our procedures, it may be necessary for your child to stay at home. For example, this could be because your child or a member of your household has coronavirus symptoms, or we may have to follow local ‘lockdown’ procedures in the event that there is a rise in the number of coronavirus cases. 

Should this occur, teachers will continue to set work for students to complete at home each day, following the normal timetable. We use Google for Education and students are all enrolled in ‘Google Classrooms’. Once an assignment has been created, students will receive an email to their school email address letting them know that they have work to complete.

At the moment we are going to continue the procedures that we operated during the school closure period. You can see details of these below. We are reviewing our online learning arrangements during September and will write to parents to let you know of any changes we have made.

Detailed guidance on how parents can support student learning during this extended closure can be found here: 

Supporting your child’s learning during the extended school closure - A guide for parents

Google Classroom - a quick guide to using Google Classroom